8th Mubri World Meeting in Spain

Aug 22, 2023

After the 3-year hiatus of holding Virtual Meetings, the Association returns annual face-to-face Meetings to continue to strengthen the Mubri brand and members. The country chosen for this return will be Spain during the MadridJoya Show from Sep 14th to Sep 17th, the country has hosted the third World Meeting in 2018 in the past and the reason for choosing it was to award the Spain chapter which, together with the Brazil chapter, has been carrying out more actions than before the pandemic.

In addition to the meeting between members from different countries to discuss achievements and set new goals, members will also have the opportunity to carry out educational, commercial and social activities.The education part will focus on the first day of the event, September 14th, with the official inauguration at 11 am (Spain time) under the command of the International President, Ali Pastorini together with Spanish Institute of Gemology – IGE, after the first lecture the group gathers for an opening cocktail at its Mubri booth where jewelries from some members belonging to the Association will be present. The second day of the event brings its main attraction which is the Mubri fashion show on the Momad catwalk inside MadridJoya featuring the latest collections of Mubri brands launching the catwalk at 12:00 and will be covered by a local TV. Brands in this edition: Indigo Fashion Jewelry; Fernanda Kenner Joias; Marta Peraza Joyeria; KORUT; Trimori Joyas; Ilían Joyeria; Alma Kaia; Joyas Carolina Olivares; Laura Márquez Joyas; Evivid Unique Jewels & Gems; MAKOBO; Delphine Tempels; Carla Schiappa Jewelry; Atelier Pastrana; Siia Joyas; Sagu Joyas; Patricia Bracho; Martha Guevara; Zoraida Párraga, HÕBE.

The rest of the event will be concentrated in the booth of the Mubri Spain chapter, designed and organized by its Regional President, Elsy Aragon. Ali Pastorini, who after his prestigious event BSM Brasil 2023 that put the South American country on the route of the world calendar, will be coming from Italy after a series of meetings with companies already pre-registered in the next edition of BSM Brasil. While in Spain, the Brazilian businesswoman will also take the opportunity to study the possibility of holding a BSM Spain in 2024, as this has been requested by foreign companies and Spanish companies to lead this concept in the country, after that Ali leaves for his Asia tour visiting countries like India, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Mubri’s growth continues to be consistent reaching a wide range of member profiles from retailers, wholesalers, merchants and independent jewelers. It is believed that with the resumption of the World Meeting these growth will be even greater.

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