Added new diamond to the Surat city

Dec 18, 2023

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) in Surat, Gujarat. Before the program, the Prime Minister also visited Panchtatva Garden, viewed the Green Building of Surat Diamond Bourse & SPINE-4, and signed the visitor booklet. Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister had also inaugurated the new terminal building at Surat Airport.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister remarked that a new diamond has been added to the magnificence of Surat city. “It is not an ordinary diamond, but the best in the world”, Shri Modi said underlining that the radiance of the Surat Diamond Bourse is overshadowing the largest of edifices in the world.

He credited the humbleness of Vallabhbhai Lakhani and Laljibhai Patel and the spirit of taking everyone along behind the success of such a huge mission as he congratulated the entire team of Surat Diamond Bourse on the occasion. “Surat Diamond Bourse will now come to the fore along with India’s pride during discussions about diamond bourses in the world”, he emphasized.

The Prime Minister said, “Surat Diamond Bourse showcases the abilities of Indian designs, designers, materials and concepts. This building is a symbol of New India’s capabilities and resolutions.” Shri Modi congratulated the entire diamond industry, the people of Surat, Gujarat and India on the inauguration of the Surat Diamond Bourse.

Recalling his walkthrough of the Surat Diamond Bourse earlier, the Prime Minister highlighted the architecture and mentioned the Green Building which can become an example for environment advocates around the world, the overall architecture of the building which can be used as a tool for learning by architecture and structural engineering students, and the Panchtatva Garden which can be used as an example for a lesson in landscaping.

He recalled the time when Surat was the manufacturing hub of the largest ships in the world and the port of Surat would hoist flags of ships from 84 countries. Now, that number will increase to 125, he added. Throwing light on the hardships faced by the city, the Prime Minister mentioned serious health ailments and floods and recalled how the spirit of the city was questioned.

Further dwelling on the capabilities of Surat, the Prime Minister mentioned India’s stride from 10th to 5th place in the world economy. “Now Modi has given the guarantee that, in the third innings, India will be among the top 3 economies of the world”, he said. The government has a roadmap for the next 25 years and is working on the goals of a 5 trillion dollar economy and a 10 trillion dollar economy, he added.

Mentioning the efforts to increase exports, the Prime Minister said that the country’s diamond industry will have a big role to play. He asked the titans of industry to explore ways of increasing Surat’s role in increasing the country’s exports.

Stating the leading position of India in diamond jewelry exports, silver cut diamonds and lab-grown diamonds he pointed out that in overall global gems-jewelry exports, India’s share is just 3.5 percent. If Surat decides, then our share in gems-jewelry export can touch double-digit, the Prime Minister said, reiterating the government’s support for the sector.

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