Akshaya Tritiya: Quote From Diamondtree & Shruti Sushma

May 15, 2024

Diamondtree – “This Akshaya Tritiya, the trend is clear: customers are gravitating towards lightweight, everyday diamond jewellery. From elegant earrings to versatile pendants and rings, simplicity is in vogue. We at Diamondtree, are thrilled to provide a variety of reasonably priced pieces that fall under 1 lac, completely in line with this trend. Natural diamonds, with their timeless allure and understated luxury, are the perfect choice for everyday elegance. Join us in celebrating this festival by adorning yourself with sophistication and style, as we embrace the enduring charm of natural diamonds.”

Cherry Sahni, Co-Founder & Creative Head, Diamondtree

Shruti Sushma – “While wedding jewellery remains timeless, it’s the delicate pieces that are stealing the spotlight. Surprisingly, the 2 – 4 lac price range is where the most significant sales are occurring, showcasing a willingness to invest in quality pieces. Consumers aren’t entirely shifting from gold jewellery to natural diamonds, but there’s a steady appreciation for both. Our diverse collection resonates well with customers, catering to every style and budget.”

Sushma Chhajer, Founder, Shruti Sushma

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