Animeta Brandstar Collaborates With Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Aug 31, 2023

Animeta Brandstar Collaborates with Malabar Gold and Diamonds for their Festive influencer marketing Campaign 

Animeta, the pioneering AI-powered Creator Tech company, has announced its partnership with the renowned jewellery brand, Malabar Diamonds. Animeta’s cutting-edge Animeta Brandstar program takes centre stage in this campaign, highlighting the essential role of influencer marketing in today’s competitive marketplace.

Animeta Brandstar empowers brands for informed influencer collaborations. With a streamlined discovery process, it ensures transparency and efficiency. Real-time data analytics optimise campaigns, ensuring brand fitment and measuring return on investment (ROI). Compliance-safe and transparent, it instils confidence in brands and creators. Tech-driven scale facilitates growth across various creators.

Devdatta Potnis, CEO, Animeta commented ” We are thrilled to have partnered with Malabar Diamonds on this campaign. Their commitment to embracing innovative avenues like influencer marketing is truly commendable. With Animeta Brandstar, there is a streamlined discovery process which is entirely transparent and efficient. We stand poised to make lasting connections with audiences through creators in ways that resonate deeply and authentically. “

As consumer preferences shift towards personalized and authentic interactions, influencer marketing has emerged as the way for brands to connect on a local and relatable level. This strategy harnesses the power of the creator economy, where influencers are shaping how brands interact with their audiences. The campaign comes at a pivotal time for retail brands, as the need for hyper-local communication becomes increasingly evident.  For the campaign, region and festival-specific influencers to drive home the message of the campaign effectively.

Leveraging technology for tailored influencer collaborations, Animeta Brandstar platform carefully identified the perfect influencers to synergize with Malabar Diamonds’ festive campaign around Onam. The creators chosen to be a part of this campaign include Alice Christy, Kalyani B Nair, Monisha Mohan Menon, and Anna Prasad. Animeta Brandstar empowers brands to identify, connect with, and execute campaigns alongside the most fitting influencers, ensuring a holistic alignment of goals.

 Vishu Ray, Senior Vice President, Branded Content and Creator Projects, AnimetaWe understood that a hyper-localized approach was the key to success for the campaign. With real time data analytics, we can find the right fit and measure ROI effectively through Animeta Brandstar. Our platform doesn’t just match creators with brands – it forges partnerships that spark genuine connections. It has opened the door to a new era of influencer marketing, one where data, creativity, and authenticity converge”

 By tapping into the authenticity and reach of influencers, Malabar Diamonds along with Animeta Brandstar was able to effectively communicate the campaign’s story to the audience. The data-backed strategies deployed by Animeta Brandstar ensured the campaign’s resonance and impact.

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