Augmont Gold For All Illuminates Rakhi

Aug 18, 2023

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious day because it commemorates the lovely relationship between a brother and a sister. Augmont Gold For All, India’s No 1 Gold Platform, promises to enable brothers to digitally present something as valuable as gold to their sisters living anywhere in India from the comfort of their homes. Giving Digital Gold on Raksha Bandhan may be the warmest and purest present you can give to your beloved sisters.

Augmont Gold For All covers the entire gold lifecycle, providing retail customers with a one-stop-shop solution. It facilitates gold deposits, financing, and EMI purchases of gold and silver.

This Raksha Bandhan, present your sister the gift of security by purchasing digital gold. It is an ideal present because it is regarded as auspicious, valuable, and something that can be treasured throughout time. It can provide a reliable safety net and be helpful in times of need. Digital Gold is safe and secure as one can use the mobile app to purchase virtually.

Augmont’s Digital Gold is available on the mobile app 24 hours a day and can be delivered to sisters (or other family members) on the day itself. There are also several virtual gift wrappers available for a more personal touch. When it comes to purchasing Augmont’s digital gold, you have a lot of possibilities. Augmont’s digital gold, for example, is available in various denominations beginning at Rs One.

Augmont Gold For All has also developed Asia’s thinnest and most affordable gold coin at a fantastic price with its new Gold Atoms line. Augmont Gold For All has been honoured by the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for making Asia’s thinnest Gold Atoms.

The Gold Atoms represent the eternal existence of gold in the form of atoms in every element we see daily. Their coin is priced starting at Rs 1200 and is made of 24K purity. Augmont offers a lifetime buyback guarantee on prevailing rates.

Sachin Kothari, Director – Augmont-Gold For All, said, “Your bond with your sister is unique and special, as should the gift you give her this Raksha Bandhan. Gold is culturally significant in India and has enormous significance when purchased at festivals like Raksha Bandhan.

Augmont’s Digital Gold and Gold Atom have become excellent gifting options and are making their way into Indian portfolios. Our digital gold options are reasonably priced and are a safe asset that can provide long-term returns and help you create wealth.

Augmont has earned the trust of millions of people with its Gold expertise and unmatched quality commitment. While digital gold gained appeal during the epidemic, it will continue outperforming physical gold as a gifting option and a modern investment alternative.”

Augmont Gold For All is the most trusted platform that provides gold refining, selling, Gold SIPs, EMI Gold, Digi Gold, on-demand jewellery, and gold loans. It enables clients to rapidly sell their old gold in an emergency. The platform allows users to access gold coins and jewellers to conduct online transactions through an app or website.

Augmont Gold For All has been one of India’s leading gold refiners and employs cutting-edge refining techniques. Augmont Gold For All is trusted by jewellers and banks around the country. Augmont Gold For All has expanded to over 23 SPOT delivery centres across India and a network of approximately 4000 jewellers. It also employs approximately 500 people.

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