Augmont offers for Akshaya Tritiya!

Apr 20, 2023

India is a country with many traditions and festivals. One of the most important ones that many Hindus and Jains in India celebrate is Akshaya Tritiya. As Akshaya, means-never diminishing, buying Gold at this festival is believed to guarantee endless wealth. Augmont Gold For All gives you the most exciting opportunity to buy Gold on this auspicious day from the comfort of your home.

Augmont Gold For All, India’s No 1 Gold Platform, recently revealed that they had been honoured by the India Book of Records for making the thinnest Gold coin with a weight of 100 mg and a diameter of 2.2 cm. With their new collection, Gold Atoms, Augmont Gold For All has also introduced India’s thinnest and most affordable gold coin at exceptional pricing.

The Gold Atoms signify the eternal existence of Gold in the form of atoms in every element we envisage daily. Their coin is made of 24K Purity and has a lifetime buyback guarantee by Augmont Gold Tech Pvt. Ltd. on prevailing rates.

Gold has traditionally been regarded as the purest of metals. We all regard Gold as a symbol of affluence and purity. Regardless of economic background, purchasing Gold has been pursued by everyone through monthly or direct payments. A Gold present is possibly the highest form of gift in the country, demonstrating an individual’s worth and purity of intent.

Augmont Gold For All encompasses the entire gold lifecycle, offering retail customers a one-stop-shop solution. It also promotes the deposit of Gold, finance against Gold, and the EMI purchase of Gold and silver. Many international conferences have recognised Augmont Gold For All as the Best Gold Dealer and Seller.

Sachin Kothari, Director – Augmont-Gold For All, said, “In the age-old Hindu tradition, buying Gold on Akshaya Tritiya is considered a sign of good luck and an invitation to prosperity in the household. Gold has significant historical importance in India, drawing people from many cities with its beauty and appeal.

Gold is a precious asset in all big festivities. Buying and owning Gold is regarded as a sign of wealth and a prestige symbol, representing power and prosperity. Augmont has won the trust of millions of users through its Gold expertise and exceptional quality commitment.

Augmont Gold For All makes coins with a personal touch and values customer relationships. Our gold coins in lower denominations are ideal for corporate gifts, contest prizes, and commemorative giveaways. Our gold coins are affordable, making gold coin investing more accessible to everyone.

The India Book of Records recognised us for making the thinnest gold coin. We believe it is essential to educate our customers about the significance and importance of Gold and jewellery in our Indian culture.”

Augmont Gold For All is a customer-driven forum that offers Gold refining, retailing, loans, SIPs, EMI Gold, Digi Gold, Sell Old Gold, on-demand jewellery, and gold loans. The platform enables users to access gold coins and assists gold jewellers in making online purchases via an app or website.

Augmont Gold For All is India’s leading gold refiner, employing cutting-edge refining techniques. Jewellers and banks around the country trust Augmont Gold For All. Augmont Gold For All has roughly 23 SPOT delivery centres across India and a supportive network of nearly 4000 jewellers. It also employs approximately 500 employees.

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