AWDC to held Xpatriate for legal support!

Jun 01, 2023

“In recent years we have received a lot of queries regarding immigration, social security, visas, etc…For these matters, we’ve contacted experts such as Xpatriate. Given that they now have a large group of clients from within our diamond community and have experience with concerns that affect us all, we thought it best for you to get a chance to meet with this company directly” said AWDC.

Antwerp’s Diamond district is the home to a multinational business community. Immigration challenges are never far from those non-EU nationals seeking to travel to Belgium for short trips or those who desire a more permanent stay in pursuit of establishing a new business.

During the presentation, Xpatriate will highlight the primary immigration routes for employees and self-employed professionals coming to Belgium for short or long-term commitments. In addition, they will zoom in on a few specific topics that brought challenges in files managed on behalf of clients active in Antwerp’s Diamond district – such as common refusal grounds for Schengen Visa, challenging family reunification applications & nationality declarations.

Xpatriate: Immigration to Belgium – overview & case studies- the Antwerp Diamond Event to be held on 8 June 2023 at Beurs voor Diamanthandel. Xpatriate is a-One stop shop, for legal support and implementation of the advice given. We focus on compliance for companies and expats in both home and host countries with immigration, social security, tax & payroll matters.

Xpatriate provides full guidance to Belgian and foreign companies, their foreign employees, executives, and their families migrating to Belgium & other destination countries.

“We provide legal advice as well as the practical execution and implementation of the advice given. Our goal is to assure having all parties compliant with immigration, social security, tax & payroll matters. Xpatriate goes the extra mile to provide Xceptional VIP service to its clients” said Xpatriate.

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