Berry’s Jewellers announce New Collection

Nov 30, 2023

Luxury jeweller Berry’s debuts Nouveau, a new collection fusing Art Deco charm with modern allure. Crafted by Berry’s in-house team, the line comprises eight distinctive pieces accentuated by exquisite diamonds, available predominantly in 18ct white and yellow gold.

Echoing the geometric finesse and vintage essence of the Art Deco era, the Nouveau range encompasses necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and interchangeable statement earrings. It caters to two wearable aesthetics: a refined, casual style mirrored in the geometric droplet necklace and bracelet, complemented by grander, more ornate pieces like the pendant and drop earrings, exuding opulence and structured elegance.

Ruth Burnell, Jewellery & Diamond Buying Manager, expressed, “Nouveau beautifully merges Art Deco’s vintage grace with a modern flair. The versatility of the earrings, shifting effortlessly from a bold drop to an elegant stud, offers diverse styling possibilities.”

Highlighting the collection’s diversity, Ruth further added, “The delicate droplet bracelet and necklace adorned with dazzling diamonds elevate everyday wear, while the striking geometric pieces add panache to upscale evening ensembles.”

Established in 1897, Berry’s, an independent, family-owned jeweller renowned for superior luxury jewellery, boasts boutiques across the country in prestigious locales like Leeds, York, and Windsor.

Simon Walton, Managing Director of Berry’s, expressed, “The Nouveau collection epitomizes the finesse and elegance Berry’s stands for. Our longstanding history in crafting luxurious jewellery aligns perfectly with this exquisite range, and I eagerly anticipate its debut in our boutiques this winter.”

The exclusive Nouveau collection is available solely at Berry’s boutiques and online.

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