Bina Goenka x Gemfields x Walk for Giants

Oct 23, 2023

Made from diamonds, emeralds, rubies, tanzanite and 18k gold, the delicate earrings are crafted to resemble elephant heads – a poignant depiction of these gentle giants. The large head signifies wisdom and understanding, while the wide, open ears emphasise the elephant’s ability to hear everything, and the trunk symbolises peace and prosperity, if turned left, and freedom and power when turned to the right.

They were designed specifically for Space for Giants, a charity dedicated to protecting Africa’s wildlife, using Gemfields’ responsibly sourced Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds. The designer has crafted the ring with 2 white diamonds totalling 1.25cts, 5 Gemfields Zambian Emeralds totalling 9.30cts, 75 Gemfields Mozambique Ruby totalling 15.83cts, 1tanzanite pear totalling 6.60cts in an 18kt gold totalling 10.39grams & also used Mozambique Ruby (75PCs) – 15.83 Cts, Tanzanite Pear (1 Pc) – 6.60 Cts in an 18kt Gold – 10.39 grams.

Bina Goenka X Gemfields, also presents, the Butterfly Cuff featuring Gemfields Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds. Butterfly Cuff made from diamonds, Zambian emeralds, Mozambican rubies, pink sapphires, amber, coral and 18k gold.

The Butterfly Cuff has crafted with 188 white diamonds totalling 1.66cts, 251 Gemfields Zambian emeralds totalling 158.96cts, 8 Gemfields Mozambican rubies totalling 8.35cts, 33 pink sapphires totalling 23.61cts, 8 ambers totalling 3.04cts & 2 coral totalling 3.85cts are crafted in 18kt gold totalling 64.14grams.

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