Biver watches launches a carillon tourbillon with Bucherer!

Apr 02, 2024

Tourbillon set with blue sapphires! “We give birth to the soul of the watch”: Jean-Claude Biver, after five decades in the watchmaking business, and his son Pierre, both passionate collectors, embarked on a magnificent adventure: the creation of a hyper-exclusive watch brand at the pinnacle of prestige.

In March 2023, Jean-Claude Biver and Pierre Biver launched their brand, the manifestation of their boundless passion for the craft of watchmaking. Free from all pressures and economic constraints, they collaborate with the finest specialists in each field to create timepieces of unparalleled excellence.

Their inaugural creation is a complication close to their hearts: a carillon minute repeater with tourbillon and micro-rotor. The watch is not just a collector’s treasure but also an object of fascination. Transcending craftsmanship, it becomes a work of art; and like art, it is infused with a soul. This is instilled into each piece by the masterful hands of artists and craftspeople.

Every detail, even the most minute hidden from view, is meticulously hand-finished, adhering to the highest standards of watchmaking artistry. The Biver hallmark is evident in these finishing touches, a testament to their pursuit of ‘invisible beauty’ – the essence of their unique legacy in watchmaking.

The sound of eternity! The minute repeater surpasses its role as merely a rare collector’s item and a testament to engineering prowess: beyond exemplifying the art of watchmaking, it resonates on a subtler, almost spiritual level.

Sound, in its essence, is vibration – a phenomenon that inherently stirs human emotions. It allows us to engage with a watch using all our senses, inviting us to momentarily lose ourselves in time. Because sound is a vibration that can be likened to the world of emotions, it is through sound that the Biver adventure continues – in the form of an exquisite minute repeater. This superb and challenging complication, both useful and above all poetic, gives the sound of eternity.

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