BOD discovered kimberlite in the Kalahari

Dec 09, 2023

Botswana Diamonds announces to embark on follow-up ground geophysics on four anomalies that were identified in the Kalahari contiguous with the Company’s KX36 project. They were identified by the heavy mineral train flowing from KX36 where it is thought likely that there are undiscovered buried kimberlites in the vicinity of KX36 as kimberlites generally occur in clusters and not in isolation.

The KX36 project is a 3.5 Ha kimberlite pipe in the Kalahari. The pipe has resources of 17.9Mt at 35 carats per hundred tonnes and 6.7Mt at 36 cpht at $65/ct. The modeled grade range is 57-76 cpht at an estimated diamond value of up to $107/ct.

Chairman, John Teeling, commented: “Kimberlites occur in clusters, currently only KX36 has been discovered in this particular kimberlite field in the Kalahari so there should be more kimberlites waiting to be discovered. This work forms part of our emerging Kalahari strategy which could lead to this area being a major diamond producer”.

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