Bridal Jewellery as a Narrator of Love and Heritage

Dec 15, 2023

In the vibrant realm of Indian weddings, jewellery holds a special place, going beyond being just an accessory. It’s a symbol of tradition, culture, and, most importantly, love. More than a valuable possession, wedding jewellery reflects a family’s affection, especially towards their daughter on her big day.

Throughout history, royal brides have worn precious jewellery not just for beauty but as symbols of royalty, echoing the power and status of their kingdoms. These jewels, meticulously crafted with perfection, became cherished heirlooms, passed down through generations, leaving onlookers in awe. Even today, jewellery stands as a testament to family heritage, often an integral part of familial rituals, carefully handed over from ancestors to successive generations. Brooches, rings, bangles, and necklaces, each piece encapsulates a rich legacy within Indian households. Importantly, these heirloom pieces are not just meant for the bride but also for her groom and all the family members, weaving a tapestry of shared heritage and enduring love.

This tradition extends beyond historical treasures. From the moment a daughter is born, parents embark on planning her wedding jewellery, transforming these pieces into more than just gold or diamonds. They embody the relentless efforts of parents, the aspirations of witnessing their daughter’s joyful matrimony, and the bittersweet tears shed as they bid farewell to their beloved child entering a new chapter of life. In this way, each piece becomes a source of immense pride, a tangible link to a family’s past, present, and future.

Bridal jewellery rightfully claims the spotlight in India’s grand wedding celebrations, signifying the bride’s stature, mirroring her family’s love, and capturing the sanctity of the occasion. At Dassani Brothers, the richness and diversity of Indian bridal jewellery uphold a commitment to artistic excellence and technical perfection, showcasing unique styles from the regal Kundan and Jadau sets, Polki necklaces, and intricate Meenakari chokers in the North to the timeless Temple jewellery in the South. Rooted in cultural traditions, we seamlessly infuse luxury and creativity in our creations, offering an exquisite blend of heritage and innovation.

As per ancient Indian bridal traditions, there is a practice of adorning the bride with 16 embellishments, known as the Solah Shringar. This age-old ritual, integral to bridal preparations, is believed to be inspired by the captivating story of Rati, the wife of Kamdev, the Hindu god of love. Rati’s penance to appease Goddess Lakshmi bore fruit as she received the blessings of the 16 adornments, which she wore to captivate and unite with Kamdev.

Each of these 16 adornments holds profound significance, meticulously chosen to complement the bride’s wedding attire. More than just accessories, they are a celebration of the bride’s beauty and a nod to tradition. From the symbolic Sindoor and fragrant Kesha Pasharachana to focus-enhancing Maang Tikka, Bindi, and protective Kohl, each element accentuates the bride’s best features. Earrings, Nath, and Necklace symbolise grace and safety, while Bajuband and Bangles or Bracelets infuse tradition with prosperity. Hathphool, Aarsi, and Mehndi add delightful touches, and the Kamarband ensures elegance. Anklets, Toe Rings, and the fragrance of Itar accompany the bride’s steps on her new journey. Finally, in the timeless red colour, the Wedding Outfit unites tradition with modernity and leaves a lasting impression on everyone.

Truly, bridal jewellery in India isn’t just a combination of gold, diamonds, and gemstones; it’s the embodiment of profound love and deep-rooted heritage. These pieces are embellished with syndicate quality polki (uncut diamonds), round brilliant cut diamonds, Russian emeralds, Zambian emeralds, Morganites, pink sapphire, tourmaline & Tanzanite cut. culture pearls & fresh water pearls add to its beauty. these pieces are crafted in 18KT & 22KT gold.


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