Building Bridges to succeed

Oct 09, 2023

Businesswoman was in India last September and beginning of October in a new collaboration with GJEPC India and an unprecedented collaboration with Bharat Diamond Bourse for events in Mumbai with the intention of bringing big players from around the world and connecting with local companies. After a successful  BSM Brasil 2023, Ali Pastorini noticed a considerable increase in interest among Latin American and European countries in traveling, meeting and doing business with companies in the region, seeking not only prices but quality and innovation.

Demand has been high from businesspeople and, consequently, there has also been an increase in the number of members joining the Mubri Association, the largest jewelry association present in 17 countries, to take advantage of the smart and safe environment for doing business, which in the sector is key to success of a project.

The differentiated and dynamic style of the Brazilian businesswoman, who for many years was an executive in the sector, which gave her networking with different regions, has helped with the connection as she visits factories to understand the philosophy of each company in order to connect with the right people so that business takes place.

Ms Pastorini has a big leverage because European and Latin businesspeople seek for her suggestions and advice precisely because of the credibility she has gained over the years. Many, who are not used to exploring this region, openly declared at events held in Mumbai that they feel safe when the find out that her name is involved in a project.

On the exhibitors/sellers side, the same phenomenon has occurred, many who were not registered for certain events upon learning of the businesswoman’s involvement, immediately signed up. As is the case with the IGJS Dubai 2023 event from Oct 10th to Oct 12th, in which Ali Pastorini is a collaborator for the third consecutive year, and exhibitors signed up at the last minute after President Mubri visited Mumbai.

Ali Pastorini is also taking advantage of her time in the region to begin giving details of BSM Brasil 2024 scheduled for May 2023, as well as new countries in which she will be implementing this concept.

Some retailers and traders also reported that they saw the businesswoman in Turkey to meet with Turkish businesspeople interested in exploring new markets through the BSM concept and taking advantage of the delegations that are usually present at her events.

Mubri’s journey, and consequently Ali Pastorini, ends at the unprecedented BSM Barcelona-Spain 2023 at the end of October. Afterwards, she returns to Latin America where she begins her tour of South America, inviting visitors to the 2024 initiatives. The businesswoman definitely doesn’t stop and is an inspiration to many.

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