Cartier unveiled the travelling collection

Nov 06, 2023

From Washington to Beijing: the latest stops for the travelling collection, Le Voyage Recommencé! Recently on the last date, 30th October, Cartier unveiled its High Jewellery, travelling collection.

From the West…The event began in an autumnal scene on Cornwell Farm, near Washington, D.C., where a journey inspired by themes from the collection and three necklaces, the Panthère Pointilliste, Pinéas and Dohara, was revealed. Les Moments Cartier saw Alexandre Auberson, Director of the Cartier Jewellery Institute, lead an interactive masterclass in the presence of Pascale Lepeu, Curator of the Collection, and experts from the Maison’s Archives.

In the evening, a Gala was held at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium featuring a performance from Debbie Harry. In the city, exhibitions in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the Hillwood Estate showcased the style and history of the Maison in the United States.

…To the East; several thousand kilometres away, at Prince Jun’s Mansion in Beijing, the second part of the collection was unveiled. With more than 400 years of history, the palace was transformed into a Cartier jewellery box. In addition to the splendour of the creations, there were workshops offered by the Maison’s experts such as the glyptician Philippe Nicolas, and grand Chinese traditions including a tea ceremony and kite decoration.

Cartier chose to host the Gala evening at the Beijing Juyong Pass, a famous historical site located along the Great Wall. The unforgettable evening included a fashion show of sublime elegance, complemented by beautiful traditional music and magnificent light displays. The Maison’s ambassadors were in attendance, including Lily Collins, Gong Li, Jackson Wang, Song Jia, and Li Xian, alongside director Peter Chan.

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