Clarity Capital announces first financing

Dec 11, 2023

Welcomed last year as a new player in the Antwerp diamond market, Clarity Capital Finance now announces it has finalized its first financing program last week and has fully kickstarted its operations in Antwerp by on boarding and financing its first client.

The company is a Multi Seller Trade Receivables Finance Platform, a bespoke SPE set up for the purpose of providing trade receivable finance initially to mid-size diamond dealers based in Antwerp and that is administered by Clarity Capital Services NV.

Clarity Capital Services is founded by Gert Ovart, an Antwerp industry veteran with 20+ years’ experience in financing the diamond trade and Serge De Bruyn, who in turn has 30+ years’ experience in the London Capital markets. Gert Ovart: “In the past 12 months, we have worked hard on fine-tuning and optimizing our business model in close collaboration with our funding partners. Our boutique approach allows us to provide tailor-made financing solutions for mid-sized players in the industry, and the appetite is there.”

Clarity Capital Finance is poised to scale up its financing activities steadily. “We reached a milestone last week as the first purchase was done from our first client. With the first tranche of funding now securely in place this will allow us to include more clients, in the short term. We have already engaged in conversations with further potential clients and are open to more interest.” Serge De Bruyn added.

Some other long standing key players in the Antwerp Diamond market have also been actively advising, and we are very grateful for their continued support:

The project is actively supported by Antwerp’s umbrella organization for the diamond industry, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).

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