Dancing Diamond, Sparkle of the Heart

May 06, 2023

Royal Canadian Mint has released the Pure Silver Coin; Dancing Diamond-Sparkle of the Heart! For a love that truly sparkles: Give the gift of a Dancing Diamond surrounded by perfect love.

The spring-blooming tulip symbolizes perfect love on any occasion, but that meaning is amplified on this Sparkle of the Heart coin, where rows upon rows of tulips surround a perfectly cut Canadian Fire and Ice diamond set in a Dancing Diamond mount.

Like a burst of sunshine, yellow gold plating highlights select elements, including the tulips closest to the sparkling centrepiece, which flutters and flashes its irresistible sparkle at the slightest movement—an effect that will captivate time and time again. It’s a flawless expression of pure devotion and unconditional love, one that endures all and stands the test of time.

Complete your collection of floral Sparkle of the Heart coins. Mintage, total 925 pieces with its composition of 99.99% pure silver with a Fire and Ice diamond set in a Dancing Diamond mount and selective yellow gold plating.

Coin’s feature are Special and it’s the fifth coin and last to feature a floral design. Crafted in 99.99% pure silver, each Sparkle of the Heart coin features a Dancing Diamond centrepiece that dances and emits an exquisite sparkle with every movement of the coin. This fifth coin will be the last to feature a floral design.

Gold plating. Select design elements, including the top row of tulips on the 3D diamond cage, have been plated with yellow gold for a bold colour contrast and a sun-like, golden radiance.

A pure expression of love. Celebrate the person who adds a special sparkle to your life! This is the perfect gift to celebrate that special someone and/or commemorate a special occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or a milestone achievement.

Or treat yourself to a little sparkle and add this jewellery-like collectible to your collection—designed to impress, it is a special keepsake that you’ll treasure for years to come. In high demand. Previous coins in the series all sold out quickly.

Includes special certificate. In addition to the usual certificate of authenticity from the Royal Canadian Mint, your coin comes with a serialized certificate of authenticity from Beverly Hills Jewellers. Enclosed in a passport holder, the custom certificate attests to the authenticity of your Dancing Diamond.

Ready for giving, your coin comes packaged in a black Royal Canadian Mint-branded clamshell and a black beauty box. It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity for the coin, and a separate certificate certifying your diamond’s authenticity.

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