Diamcor to begin bulk sampling!

May 05, 2023

Diamcor Mining Inc announces that it will be proceeding with an extensive drilling and bulk sampling program over the greater portions of its Krone-Endora at Venetia diamond mine project. These efforts will be aimed at further identifying and locating additional material which is known to have shifted and eroded from the adjacent De Beers’ Venetia diamond mine.

Diamcor’s establishment of infrastructure, two large processing plants, heavy equipment, and the extensive large-scale trial mining exercises completed to date in the initial area of 657 hectares of the Project’s total 5,888 hectares, have allowed Diamcor to refine unique approaches to mining using advanced technology and techniques to extract diamonds from the Project in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner.

The previous establishment of these collective items will allow Diamcor to now advance these additional drilling and bulk sampling efforts in a very cost-effective and efficient manner.

“The considerable effort to date now allows us to proceed with this drilling and bulk sampling on the greater areas of the Project,” stated Mr. Dean Taylor, Diamcor’s CEO. “The knowledge gained from previous trial-mining and the sale of rough diamonds, along with recent modeling and initial input of some of the industry’s most respected geological experts, all point to the potential to identify significant additional material from the known shift and erosion off of Venetia.”

The initial trial-mining efforts undertaken to date have provided the Company with a better understanding of the shift and erosion of the estimated 1,000 vertical meters of material from the De Beers Venetia diamond mine kimberlite clusters that are known to have been displaced in the direction of Diamcor’s Krone and Endora properties.

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