Directors of the Leading Diamond Company – Ankit Gems Bestowed to meet India’s External Affairs Minister at Namibia

Jun 15, 2023

Directors of the Leading Diamond Company – Ankit Gems Bestowed to meet India’s External Affairs Minister at Namibia

External Affairs Minister of India – Dr. S. Jaishankar’s visit to Namibia conferred into a momentous event for Ankit Gems, as their Directors had the privilege of meeting the visionary leader at Namibia.

The meeting served as a platform to discuss & strengthen bilateral trade relations between India & Namibia & further explore opportunities for growth & collaborations for mutual benefits & development.

Dr. S. Jaishankar, renowned for his diplomatic prowess & extensive experience in international affairs, engaged in a productive dialogue with the Directors of Ankit Gems, highlighting the significance of diamond industry as a catalyst for economic growth & cultural exchange between the two countries.

As the Minister expressed his appreciation for Ankit Gems’ efforts in strengthening economic ties between India & Namibia, the discussion revolved around exploring new avenues for collaboration, technology transfer & exchange of expertise, to further boost diamond manufacturing business in both the countries.

This opportunity is a testament to Ankit Gems’ prominence & leadership in diamond industry. Backed with diamond processing expertise of 35+ years, they have not only opened a state-of-the-art diamond processing facility in Namibia, but have also invested in deploying advanced machineries & hired & trained Namibian locals, for manufacturing world-class diamonds, locally. Moreover, the company also makes substantial contributions towards various CSR activities, for economic, infrastructural & overall development of the country.

As Ankit Gems continues its journey towards excellence, the valuable insights gained from this rendezvous are expected to propel them towards greater heights, forging new alliances & expanding its global footprint.

Such opportunities are also a testament to the growing recognition of Indian businesses at global stage & their potential to contribute towards development & progress of both India & its international partners.

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