Divine Solitaires makes people fall in love with diamonds again

Sep 01, 2023

For centuries, diamonds have been coveted as a symbol of beauty, brilliance, love, and trust; especially, consumers in India have always perceived diamonds as most aspirational asset. In spite of their love for diamonds, people have always been apprehensive about the quality of diamonds and their true value with little or no idea about price and numerous other quality parameters of diamonds. This has affected consumers’ willingness to buy, wear, and resale them and has prevented diamond jewellery from becoming popular amongst mainstream consumer market.

Divine Solitaires, as a disruptive solitaire diamond brand some 15-16 years back, under the vision and leadership of its Founder & Managing Director, Jignesh Mehta, took it as a responsibility and opportunity to give this much-needed trust and confidence to consumers about diamonds. With a mission to retail world class solitaire diamonds and solitaire jewellery in the country, Divine Solitaires committed itself to transform the experience of diamond consumers by introducing a series of breakthrough innovations and pioneering to make quality and transparency the two pillars of its brand propositions.

Mr Jignesh Mehta says, ‘Diamond consumers deserve much more comfort through innovative solutions; it will be a huge encouragement for them to spend their share of wallet for diamond jewellery.” His revolutionary ideas have catalysed diamond as a solid investment asset like gold and has truly changed the way we buy diamonds.

Under Mr Jignesh Mehta’s vision and leadership, Divine Solitaires has made significant strides since its inception and has built a truly remarkable brand that customers have grown to trust. This that has changed the industry for solitaire diamonds and jewellery. There are 2 parts to the brand’s promise – firstly, Divine Solitaires diamonds are carefully curated to have the highest quality of set of parameters, not just the 4Cs but in 123 different parameters that define its beauty and value. It is not just certified but backed by a guarantee, which is unmatched in the industry. It has made buying diamonds easy by carefully curating its products to be the best and the most beautiful in the world with the incredible Hearts & Arrows precision cut that makes them shine brighter than ordinary diamonds. It is a hallmark of perfection that only in 1% of the world’s diamonds have. And secondly since inception, it has built a robust standard and transparent pricing policy which has stood the test of time and has created real value for customers, giving complete benefit of price appreciation to customer as per the prevailing price list. Based on thorough analysis of industry trends, Divine Solitaires has been issuing a highly competitive and fair “Nationwide Standard and Transparent Price List” every month. Many customers have seen the value of their diamond double over 5-7 years and have taken advantage of its upgrade and buyback policies to grow their solitaire. A number of customers have found it an attractive investment asset and are actively invested for the long term.

As the first and only brand of solitaire diamonds, Divine Solitaires has set the benchmark for excellence in solitaire jewellery segment in the country and has won the trust of lakhs of customers nationwide. Today it is one of the fastest growing brands in the industry with more than 50% of its buyers being the first-time buyers of diamond jewellery. From a handful of jewellers, 15 years ago to a network of 180 partner jewellers in more than 90 cities across India with a strong presence especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns, Divine Solitaires has become the first and most foremost names in solitaire jewellery. Lakhs of customers have reposed trust in the brand and experienced the joy of owning their dream solitaire jewellery. To give back to its customers for their trust in the brand, Divine Solitaires does an annual mega promotion for its patrons- The Solitaire Festival of India – where the customers are rewarded with more than 10,000 prizes through assured gifts and weekly lucky draws and grand bumper draw for XUVs and more.

Solitaire holds a special place in the world of jewellery, symbolising important occasions and milestones. It offers its customer across the country trendy designs on contemporary fashion themes as well as classic evergreen designs – each customisable to the solitaire of choice – in rings, pendants, earrings, bangles, and necklaces with a huge variety and choice to cater to the diverse customer base. There is one for every occasion and milestone! It keeps its jewellery collections fresh by regularly updating its solitaire jewellery portfolio with new designs. Recently it has introduced 5 new thematic collections and designer solitaire jewellery. Collections like Now & Forever and Setu by Divine offer unique designs for engagement and anniversaries, Ballerina is about mesmerising dancing diamond jewellery designed to oscillate to the rhythm of heart, Beyond Beauty and Colours of love are about self-love and have designs for the modern woman for work and play.

Divine Solitaires has embraced digital technologies in a big way to bring brand closer to customer and offer information and services at fingertips. Its mobile app enables customers to avail the free insurance facility and verify and track their diamond’s journey right from the mine. It also empowers customers to track and compare their diamond value through years to its current prevailing price, upgrade/buyback eligibility and value and even the eligible loans against their diamonds! This is unprecedented and unmatched in the whole industry and goes a long way to realise the vision of its founder.

Divine Solitaires enjoys tremendous amount of brand loyalty and customers swear by its quality and transparent policies. It has set the benchmark in customer satisfaction and innovation that adds value for a lifetime. Customers and trade partners have put their trust in the brand for last 15 years and with their support it envisions to grow from strength to strength in time to come. This is a remarkable achievement and a great contribution to the growth of diamond jewellery segment in India.






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