Diving into the Heart of Lab-Grown Diamond Technology, IIG Destination: Greenlab Diamonds

Sep 11, 2023

At the International Institute of Gemology (IIG), we believe in opening doors to the future of gemology. Our recent industrial visit took 25 students from diverse backgrounds, hailing from across India and the UAE, on an illuminating journey into the world of lab-grown diamonds. Our destination: Greenlab Diamonds LLP, a cutting-edge lab-grown diamond growing and manufacturing facility. Join us as we share the highlights of this exciting exploration.

The Dawn Of Lab-Grown Diamonds:

Lab-grown diamonds represent the future of the diamond industry, blending science and nature to create exquisite gems. Greenlab is at the forefront of this revolution, and our students were eager to unravel the mysteries of this innovative process. As we stepped into Greenlab Diamonds, we were greeted by an air of scientific precision and innovation. The facility’s controlled environment, equipped with cutting edge technology, was a testament to the meticulous science behind creating lab-grown diamonds.

Understanding The Science:

Our students were introduced to the intricate processes involved in growing diamonds in a laboratory setting. From the initial selection of diamond seeds to the high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques, every step was explained in detail along with the latest machineries and technologies. A highlight of the visit was witnessing diamond growth in real-time through specially designed viewing windows. The mesmerizing sight of diamonds taking shape atom by atom left a lasting impression on our students, showcasing the remarkable fusion of science and nature.

A Journey Of Innovation:

Our visit to Green Lab was not just an exploration; it was a journey into the future of gemology. Lab-grown diamonds are rewriting the rules of the industry, and our students left with a profound understanding of the science and ethics driving this exciting transformation.

As we concluded our visit, our students were inspired by the potential and possibilities of lab-grown diamonds. The future of the gemstone world is evolving, and at IIG, we are committed to equipping our students with the knowledge and experiences to stay at the forefront of this evolution.

Navigating The Uncharted Waters:

Our journey into the realm of lab-grown diamonds took an exhilarating turn when we had the extraordinary privilege of personally meeting and greeting the Director of Green Lab, Mr. Smit Patel. Little did we know that this encounter would lead us to the most enthralling segment of our trip—the heart of the lab itself, where the CVD reactors, the true alchemists in this modern age, were quietly at work. Greenlab Diamonds had something truly exceptional in store for us, a behind-the-scenes glimpse that is seldom revealed to outsiders. Our students had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the harmonious marriage of science and technology within the very confines of the lab’s growing facilities.

An Experience Reserved For The Chosen Few:

It’s a well-kept secret in the industry that the inner workings of a lab-grown diamond facility are rarely disclosed to outsiders. Yet, our IIG students found themselves in the enviable position of having this privileged firsthand experience. It was as if we held the key to a treasure trove of knowledge right before our very eyes. Mr. Patel and his team generously shared their invaluable insights, allowing our students to grasp the intricacies of the processes that birth lab-grown diamonds. This rare educational experience breathed life into textbook knowledge and created an indelible memory.

The Maestros Of Science:

Within the labyrinthine halls of the lab, we were introduced to a select cadre of brilliant scientists. They were no ordinary scientists; they were the guardians of this scientific marvel, affectionately referred to as the “Doctors” and “Nurses” of this super-sonic scientific plant. Their skill and dedication were the life force that nurtured the growth of lab-grown diamonds. The process explained to IIG students; Growing a diamond is entirely technical, as it solely involves the application of heat and gases inside the reactor. Bonding of atoms inside the chamber is a completely natural process with no consistent feeding.  As the temperature and pressure are raised to extreme levels, a plasma is created in the chamber, and this reaction initiates diamond growth. The diamond slowly grows, atom by atom, as carbon atoms are drawn to the small diamond seed by the plasma.

During this process, the carbon atoms bond to the diamond seed, forming a larger diamond crystal. The diamond crystal continues to grow until it reaches its desired size.

A Journey Of Revelation:

Our visit to Green Lab, guided by Mr. Patel himself, was an odyssey of discovery that transcended the confines of theoretical learning. It was a plunge into the boundless universe of innovation, ethics, and the boundless potential of lab-grown diamonds. As we bid farewell to this exceptional experience, our students departed with a profound understanding of the lab-grown diamond industry and the unwavering commitment required to shape the future of gemology. The fusion of science and technology at Greenlab Diamonds etched an enduring memory in our hearts.

Q&A Session:

Our students engaged in a dynamic Q&A session with Greenlab’s experts and Mr. Smit Patel, Director himself, delving deeper into the technology, ethics, and market dynamics of lab-grown diamonds. During our visit to Green Lab, Mr. Smit Patel, the Director himself, recounted the courageous and transformative decision made by his family to pivot overnight from the natural diamond industry to the realm of lab-grown diamonds. This personal narrative served as a powerful testament to their vision and adaptability in an evolving gemological landscape. It provided our students with a priceless opportunity to seamlessly connect their classroom knowledge with real world insights, enriching their understanding of the dynamic shifts occurring within the diamond industry.

Green In Its Own Way:

Greenlab, as its name suggests, not only produces lab-grown diamonds but also embodies “green” values in its commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. It’s a symbol of innovation and environmental responsibility in the world of gemology. Lab-grown diamonds are known for their reduced environmental impact compared to traditional mining, and our visit highlighted the facility’s efforts to uphold these principles. They’ve conducted comparative assessments on water and energy use and embraced eco-friendly practices. Many companies now adopt green solutions, including solar panels and green mills, supporting government green initiatives. Numerous audits and certifications ensure their commitment. Energy, the primary material for LGD (over 80%), is being replaced with solar panels and minerals. With a 25 MW solar plant and plans for a 10 MW windmill hybrid by May 2023, Greenlab Diamonds aims to be carbon-neutral by the end of that year.

Greenlab India’s Glory:

The session culminated with Mr. Patel sharing a recent milestone that had the world’s attention. Greenlab had successfully grown and sourced a magnificent 7.50-carat lab-grown diamond. This spectacular gem found its way to our honorable Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi, and was eventually presented as a gift to the First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden. The ripple effect of this achievement was a testament to the boundless potential of lab-grown diamonds and the visionary leadership at Green Lab.

Make In India Initiatives:

Lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) support India’s “Make in India” initiative by contributing to the country’s self-reliance and export potential. Greenlabs LLC shifted from mined diamonds to lab-grown diamonds due to similar quality, sustainable production methods, and rapid growth. India’s LGD industry is expanding, with plans to develop its own diamond seeds and increase domestic machinery production under the PLI scheme for semiconductors. This self-sufficiency ensures a consistent supply of raw materials, reducing job losses and pay cuts that can result from material shortages, making the industry truly “Atmanirbhar.”


IIG Student’s visit to Green Lab and the broader exploration in Surat has been profoundly enlightening. Witnessing cutting-edge technology and ethical practices, along with engaging with Mr. Smit Patel – Director, bridged the gap between theory and reality. This experience sparked our passion for innovation and sustainability. We leave with newfound knowledge and enthusiasm, reinforcing our institute’s commitment to providing top-notch education and experiences, ready to embrace the dynamic future of gemology led by lab-grown diamonds.

Director’s Message:

“I extend my profound gratitude to Greenlab and its esteemed directors for their gracious hospitality and invaluable insights during our recent visit. Your unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability within the lab-grown diamond industry is nothing short of inspiring. Our visit has been an enlightening experience for all members of the International Institute of Gemology (IIG), leaving us eagerly anticipating the transformative impact your work will have on the gemological landscape. Your vision and dedication are setting exceptional standards, and we are truly honored to have been a part of this remarkable journey.” Mr. Rahul Desai – CEO & MD at IIG

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