Dynacor estimates gold price 2023!

Apr 10, 2023

Dynacor Group, an international gold ore industrial corporation servicing ASMs (artisanal and small-scale miners), announced its 2023 earnings guidance, with total sales projected to increase between 6.5% and 20% compared to 2022 sales, reaching between US$210 million and $235 million.

Sales and earnings forecasts are based on estimates ranging between US$1,800 and $US1,900 per ounce and various other production assumptions, including ore grades.

Our team is fully committed to creating value for our shareholders by executing well-planned, low-risk expansions, increasing monthly dividends, and implementing share buybacks that drive cash returns when capital management criteria are met.

President and CEO Jean Martineau states, “Dynacor Group is committed to creating long-term value for our shareholders, even as we navigate the challenges of today’s economic environment. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to driving growth.

We are also implementing cost-efficient measures to support the continued expansion of our ASM gold ore-processing business. With this unwavering commitment to excellence, we remain optimistic about the future of our company and confident in the opportunities that lie ahead.”

To achieve these goals, Dynacor Group plans to invest up to $US 7.0 million in capital expenditures in 2023 at our Veta Dorada plant for new efficiency improvement equipment, increasing tailing pond capacity and additional vehicles for our ore purchase team.

The Corporation has also budgeted approximately $1.0 million to advance other projects in other jurisdictions. Dynacor will provide regular updates throughout the year to keep shareholders informed and engaged. The next guidance update will be provided during our quarterly earnings report in May 2023.

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