End the Year on a Glamorous Note as you Choose Platinum Evara For the Party Season

Dec 15, 2023

The end of the year is a time of celebration, joy and holiday cheer. Be it family gatherings, festive lunches and dinners with friends, weddings, office Christmas parties or even a glamorous New-Year Eve, it is a time to celebrate various occasions with your loved ones. It is also the perfect time to elevate your style and make a statement. As you choose the perfect outfit for every special occasion – opting for the right jewellery pieces can take your looks up a notch and add a touch of glam to the year-end festivities. Unique platinum jewellery pieces from Platinum EVARA’s latest collection make for the ideal style companion to complete your chic ensembles during this season!

Born from the stars, platinum is one of the rarest metals to exist on this planet.  A denser precious metal than others, it promises to hold securely the precious gems intricately placed to create designs as unique and awe-inspiring as the women who adorn them.  With the passage of time, platinum unlike other metals, does not lose its form or radiant white sheen, akin to the un-daunting spirit of the exemplary ‘Evara’ women. Platinum’s intrinsic rarity and strength lends itself to exceptional and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces – akin to the women of today. With a rare promise of 95% purity Platinum EVARA’s new collection includes an array of designs that range from captivating necklaces and alluring wristwear to intricately crafted earrings and elegant rings. Delicate yet seamless forms, combined with unique diamond pieces come together to create one-a-kind pieces that effortlessly complement every outfit while making a discerning style statement.

Follow this Style Guide and end the year on a glamorous note as you opt for versatile pieces from Platinum EVARA:

Styling Platinum Earrings from Platinum EVARA:

Be it dangling platinum bars inlaid with sparkling diamonds, floral motif earrings featuring delicate dual-toned spokes, or even intricately designed studs, platinum earrings exude style no matter the occasion or the outfit. They can be adorned in a variety of different ways style them with matching neckwear and wristwear for a uniform look at a cocktail party or a wedding, or wear them as the statement piece of your ensemble for date night!

Styling Platinum Wristwear from Platinum EVARA:

Mixing and matching is an interesting trend that can be explored while styling platinum bracelets. Wear a set of delicate platinum bracelets for a minimalist yet elegant look, or opt for bracelets of different sizes, shapes, motifs and even tones to create an interesting and layered look. This stack can be worn for your office Christmas parties or even family dinners and get-togethers as these bracelets pair easily with both workwear as well as partywear!

Styling Platinum Neckwear from Platinum EVARA:

When it comes to selecting that perfect platinum neckwear, you can choose a piece from a wide range of exquisitely designed pieces and select one that matches your unique style and individuality and then let the piece do the talking! You can either pair it with complementary pieces like platinum earrings, wristwear or rings, or else keep the necklace as the central piece of your outfit and build your look around it.

Styling Platinum Rings from Platinum EVARA:

Platinum Rings add an instant touch of glam to your entire look. Choose a statement platinum ring that can be worn to elevate a monochromatic outfit or experiment with stacking as you layer rings of different sizes and shapes. Wear them for brunch with your girlfriends, or even at a New Year Eve party to end the year on a glamorous note.The season’s new Platinum EVARA offers a curated selection of exquisitely crafted platinum jewellery pieces for women, which is available across leading jewellery retail stores in India.


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