Endiama Diamond sales yield over US$ 590 mn

Sep 04, 2023

The National Director of Mineral Resources, Paulo Tanganha, informed, Friday, in Luanda, during the presentation of the achievements on the production, commercialization and export of diamonds, that the sales of this product, during the first semester of 2023, at 594.17 million US dollars.

This value, which represents 37% less compared to the previous period, results from the sale of approximately 2 million and 933 thousand carats of diamonds at an average price of 202.61 dollars per carat. During the first half of this year, around 4 million and 93 thousand carats of diamonds were recovered, mainly from industrial exploration.

Compared to the same period of 2022, he pointed out that there was a decrease in the amount of carats recovered, of approximately 3.9%. Sociedade Mineira do Catoca contributed the most to production during the period under analysis, with around 67% of total production.

Paulo Tanganha perspective, with the start-up of the Luaxe mine, located in the province of Lunda Sul, the fulfillment of the production target established for the year 2023, estimated at 12.41 million carats.

The official added, on the other hand, that the mining sector continues to be one of the main strategic areas for the economic and social development of Angola, with mineral resources explored and sold as a source of revenue for the Angolan State.

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