Everlite by Senco Gold & Diamonds rolls out #HearMeOut campaign

Mar 11, 2023

Everlite, the light-weight gold and diamond brand from Senco Gold & Diamonds, a pan-India jewellery retail player has rolled out a Women’s Day campaign called #HearMeOut. The premise of the campaign is while the struggles and successes of a regular woman often goes unheard amid the rush of our daily lives, and while they wish they could say #HearMeOut to the world around them, Everlite says that the brand is listening and promises to lend an ear to each woman.

The film shot by Digitale aims to make the women feel heard, recognised and appreciated and showcases that it is important to also listen to stories of women who exist around us every day apart from celebrating those journeys that carry a milestone or historic events. The film which was shot entirely on iPhone and shot within a span of 10 hours is written by non-binary female lesbian screenwriter Priyadarshini Chitrangada and features transgender activist Anurag Maitreyee playing the role of a transfeminine doctor.

Ms. Joita Sen, Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds said, “Through this campaign we wanted to highlight a simple truth – while women create their own stories with their lived experiences, they often feel unheard about their daily struggles. We never have the time to stop by and hear each other out about our stories. Unless we listen to each other, we will never be able to understand, empathize and create a world which is based on the principles of equity and collective strength. We wish everyone a Happy Women’s Day and promise that your stories will not be left unheard”

Everlite is crafted for the modern Indian women and the inspiration for the lightweight collection comes from the various aspects of life that the working women espouse. The Everlite products are offered with various collections named Denim, Venus, Nature, Tribe, Magnificence and Floral with the objective to promote daily usage of jewellery inspired from nature or geometrical shapes. The light-weight gold and diamond collection starts from approximately ? 5,000 and goes up to ? 60,000.

Arnab Samanta, Creative Director, Digitale (a division of Lookad India) “We are delighted to collaborate with Everlite by Senco Gold & Diamonds for International Women’s Day. We wanted to bring forward the unheard stories that exist all around us. In today’s day and age, we no longer believe in any identity being misrepresented and therefore, the portrayal of the transgender doctor’s character being carried out by eminent transgender rights activist Anurag Maitreyee holds an increased significance for us.”


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