Experience the enchantment of C’est L’amour

Dec 12, 2023

Experience the enchantment of C’est L’amour at Her Story! At the heart of Her Story lies a narrative steeped in the unyielding love of a woman, whose remarkable strength emanates from her empathy. The spotlight falls on jewels intricately designed to mirror the gentle yet distinct patterns of Chantilly lace.

Within these exquisite pieces, tulip-shaped solitaire diamonds take center stage, embraced by the soft, scalloped edges of glistening rose-cut diamonds. Crafted with meticulous detail in 18K white gold, these creations effortlessly emulate the fluidity and delicacy of the finest lace.

Kripali Samdariya, a model, reminisces about her first encounter with Her Story during a shoot, where she crossed paths with Sana, igniting an instantaneous connection. “It was a magical moment,” she shares. “The jewelry was so ethereal, reflecting the lightness that resonates with me personally. Love and empathy, often perceived as complex, are simple truths. Cherishing one another is what truly matters.”

Her Story, a home-grown maison steeped in a legacy of diamonds and jewelry, considers it both a duty and a privilege to spotlight fine Indian craftsmanship through a lens that is both thoughtful and intuitive. Their journey, a testament to organic evolution, is steered by innovative thinking, bringing to life symbolic jewels that empower every woman to celebrate her unique story in her own way.

This group champions a fusion of rich design expertise, masterful craftsmanship, ethical business practices, and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that their jewelry remains relevant and captivating for today’s discerning consumers. Their mission is clear: to weave together love, empathy, and craftsmanship, creating treasures that resonate with the spirit of modern women.

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