Fine silver coin 2023 – Nefertiti Bust

Apr 17, 2023

Similar to 2022’s sold-out Mask of Tutankhamun, this 3 oz. silver coin features a 3D replica of the iconic bust of Nefertiti. The royal wife of Pharoah Akhenaten also appears on the coin’s concave obverse, which re-creates a stone relief found at Armana, site of Egypt’s capital during his reign.

Now, in the year 2023 it is announced & offered, the most famous face of Ancient Egypt, struck in high relief at200 Francs! Fine Silver Coin 2023 – Nefertiti Bust are ready to deliver!

Special features are, 1: the famous Nefertiti Bust struck on 3 oz of Silver .999 with Antique Finish! 2: The super high relief on the reverse along with the concave design on the obverse demonstrate the vivacity and delicacy of the original. 3: Previous release, The Mask of Tutankhamun 2022-was a complete sell out – High demand expected again! 4: No GST/HST.

The Royal Canadian Mint wishes to remind consumers and businesses that the royal succession has no impact on coins currently in circulation. A change in Monarch does not require the replacement of circulation coins. Therefore, Canadian consumers and businesses can continue using all coins currently in circulation.

“We are working on a plan to issue a variety of coins commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s lifetime of service as Queen of Canada. The Mint will also support the Government of Canada as it works to determine a new obverse (heads) design for future Canadian coins”: The Royal Canadian Mint.

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