Fiorelli Collection, a daydream!

Aug 21, 2023

Introducing the new Fiorelli Collection – Daydream from Gecko Jewellery. Inspired by the work of talented digital artists, this collection explores playful silhouettes, textures and modern colour pallets. With an explosion of new colours, including greens, lilacs and pinks in a mixture of chunky crystals and delicate pave.

New organic shapes fill the plain section of the catalogue. With necklaces, hoops and stud earrings taking centre stage. Not forgetting the FREE engraving opportunities available within this section of the catalogue.

Lastly and brand new, Fiorelli’s first earring-only kit. With the most popular stud earrings on a special stud earring display. This new kit is simple to set up and will bring a fantastic sales boost to an already existing display.

Gecko Jewellery’s designers are amongst the very best in the industry, and work hard to evolve the collections each season to ensure they are exciting, fresh and incorporating the latest trends where relevant, whilst staying true to the DNA of each brand.

Inspiration and research is key to the company’s success, and sources as varied as international jewellery trade shows, fashion trend forecasters, architecture and nature inspire our designers to create original and exciting collections.

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