Fortuna a Porter talk about lucky charms

Jul 22, 2023

They are now an indispensable must, and, especially in summer, they represent one of the funniest ways to define a look with irony and character. Let’s talk about lucky charms for necklaces, bracelets and earrings: precious details that give personality and good luck at the same time.

The desire for superstition translates into mini croissants and four-leaf clovers, ladybugs or padlocks and keys – those that allow you to open your heart – or even the iconic horseshoe.

Emblematic is the ring with fortune elements designed by Maman et Sophie, from which hang a horn and a sphere in coral paste, a four-leaf clover and a ladybird.

On the other hand, Cuori & Frecce is signed by the together ring, made of silver, which exhibits a small central four-leaf clover in gold.

En plein of lucky charms in Aonie’s rosary necklace, in silver and jade horn. A little jewel in which the sacred and the profane come together to protect and at the same time instill joy.

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