Four stunning cocktail inspired collection

Aug 08, 2023

Through meticulous research, Jessica Flinn delved into the depths of Instagram and TikTok and conducted extensive research, uncovering the secret recipes and vibrant stories behind beloved cocktails. With great attention to detail, they then transformed the timeless classics into four stunning engagement rings, all of which are made-to-order.

Do you or your special someone love margaritas? It is the most popular cocktail, after all, with 2 billion views on TikTok, over 8 million Instagram posts, and a global search volume of 1.2 million. Well, if you do love this tequila drink, we’ve designed the perfect ring for you.

This beautiful cocktail ring is inspired by the classic margarita, with the main ingredient a juicy 6.4mm round brilliant cut diamond. Served with a halo of round brilliant cut salt and pepper diamonds to replicate the salt rim of a marg. And to finish off this cocktail (ring), Jessica Flinn has included a flavourful marquise-cut green tourmaline, which is just as tasty as the lime on a margarita.

Introducing the world’s most refreshing engagement ring, inspired by the mojito! The mojito cocktail has 979 million TikTok views, over 5.5 million Instagram posts, and a global keyword volume of 1.5 million making this drink the second most popular.

The ring has a luscious infusion of salt and pepper diamond. Garnished with marquise-cut green tourmaline just like the lime and mint in a mojito, alongside crisp diamonds. Around the band, there are dashes of diamond and green sapphire to make anyone green with envy. The ring is deliciously served with a platinum or white gold band.

If you love spending your weekends at bottomless brunch, or perhaps you just like to enjoy your Sunday morning with a mimosa in hand, then Jessica Flinn has the most delicious ring for you. This ring is inspired by the mimosa, the third most popular cocktail, thanks to its impressive 963 million views on TikTok.

Jessica Flinn’s mimosa cocktail ring is shaped like an iconic champagne flute, filled with a sweet 5mm yellow sapphire. To match the fizziness of a mimosa, they’ve added a sparkling array of orange sapphire bubbles. The halo and band are encrusted with crisp diamonds and distinctly served in a yellow-gold band.

Leave others feeling bitter with this luxurious old fashioned cocktail-inspired ring. The old fashioned is a classic cocktail and the fourth most popular in the world, with over 1.5 million Instagram posts, 563 million views on TikTok, and a global search volume of 550 thousand.

So, we had to put our spin on it. This unique, vintage-style ring is crafted and stirred to add a touch of spice to your engagement proposal. Served in an art deco yellow-gold band with a hexagon halo, perfect for any old-romantic.

The hexagon halo comprises of 14 rich cognac diamonds, garnished with two rubies and a juicy marquise-cut orange sapphire to mimic the orange slice and cocktail cherries. Sitting beautifully in the middle of this scrumptious ring is a 6.2mm round-brilliant cut flavourful cognac diamond.


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