Functional Kaleidoscope Jewellery unveiled

Nov 21, 2023

Drutis Jewellery sets sail from the sunkissed port city of Odessa, Ukraine’s pearl of the Black Sea, and seeks its inspiration from the marine themes and colours of our crystal sea and the sandy shores it spills onto. We have taken both spiritual and physical inspiration from the sea, giver of life and vitality, decorating our kaleidoscope with its fruit – coral, pearl, turquoise, aquamarine and tourmaline– and embossing its body with imagery that reminds us of the ocean.

The inside patterns are made up of pearls, Swiss topaz, tanzanite, emerald and apatite – to remind you of the magical colours of sea waves, reflected off of mirrors and viewed through sapphire glass. Swipe to see variations of the Sea Dreams Kaleidoscope facilitated by the unique mechanism of the changing sides (can be bought separately to expand your treasure collection), as well as the patterns inside.

The world is your oyster… and this jewellery is your treasure with meaning and Materials of 14 ct yellow gold, Aquamarine, Coral, Pearl, Turquoise & Tourmaline lids. While inside spark is of Pearls, Swiss topaz, Tanzanite, Emerald and Apatite.

“Unique, one of a kind, fun and functional piece with exceptional detail and jewellery engineering craftsmanship. We invite you to transport yourself back to childhood where you can dream like a kid, by gazing inside the Kaleidoscope!”

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