Gemoro Introduces AuRACLE Pro

Dec 06, 2023

At the front of tech-n-tools, SY Kessler-Gemoro introduces its advanced new AuRACLE Pro, the ultimate digital gold and platinum tester. This state-of-the-art portable unit has exceptional precision, with 20% greater accuracy. It’s full featured, is simple to use, and in only seconds can identify from 8-24k gold. It even shows the gold percentage, identifies platinum and gold plate/filled as NA.

The leading Gemoro line includes an array of products within the segments. Gemoro products are available through an international network of Authorized Gemoro dealers, distributors and direct marketers located throughout the world.

Gemoro is a division of SY Kessler Sales Inc; which is a world-renown manufacturer, importer, exporter, and master distributor of the jewelry industry’s most innovative, quality-made, and feature-rich equipment, instruments, tools, and supplies.

The company owns several US patents amongst its extensive list of Intellectual Property. Gemoro specializes in commercial and consumer products, including on-the-go jewelry cleaning appliances and solutions. Its specialty also includes diamond, lab grown diamond, and moissanite testing instruments, gold, and platinum testing equipment, weighing and measuring devices, optical, gemological, task lighting, watch repair tools, and more.

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