Gifts for Multi-Faceted Women

Dec 22, 2023

The renowned jewellery brand Katerina Perez said, as we all know, no two women are the same. Some of us are extroverted, bold, playful and drawn to opulence, while others are introverted, sweet, understated and happiest wearing paired-back creations.

We’re celebrating all this diversity in our annual Christmas gift guide and providing pristine product recommendations to suit distinctive personalities. Bookmark this page for your significant other to see, or continue reading to up your game in the gifting department this festive season…

What’s the trick to buying the perfect Christmas jewellery gift? In our opinion, it’s all about matching the signature aesthetic of a jewellery brand to the distinctive personality of the person you are buying for. Below, we’ve matched some of our favourite jewellery artists and international brands with the personality traits they’re most in sync with. Trust us, the presents under your tree are going to be a lot more exciting this year.

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