Gold coronation crown inspired coin

Apr 25, 2023

The Royal Canadian Mint revealed a rare sight, the most revered of all the British Crown Jewels, the all-gold coronation crown inspired this coin’s reverse. It is the revered symbol of royal authority, history and tradition. The centuries-old St Edward’s Crown is only worn once in a monarch’s reign and only at the very moment of crowning—the moment when the historic headpiece is reverently placed upon the new sovereign’s head, marking the culmination of accession.

The centrepiece of the British Crown Jewels and royal regalia, the all-gold coronation crown is easily recognized by the crosses pattée that inspired this 99.99% pure gold coin’s reverse, where the engraved cross is similarly adorned with an array of gemstones. A pure gold, gemstone-adorned ode to the coronation crown.

The centrepiece of the British Crown Jewels, the centuries-old St Edward’s Crown used to crown Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and His Majesty King Charles III in 2023 inspired this extraordinary pure gold collectible.High demand, low mintage.

Only 225 coins are available to collectors worldwide. Previous crown- and tiara-themed coins sold out quickly, and given the historic headpiece represented on this exquisite collectible, it is sure to be a sought-after piece too.

Special certificate. In addition to the serialized certificate, your coin comes with a special certificate that confirms the authenticity of your gemstones.

Assortment of gemstones are the first time we’ve featured a wide variety of gemstones on one coin. Its reverse features nine white sapphires, two emeralds, a ruby and one aquamarine. The coin is individually encapsulated and presented in a premium Royal Canadian Mint-branded wooden case with a black beauty box, with an additional certificate of authenticity for its gemstones.

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