Gold in a new growing India!

Jul 12, 2023

The world Gold Council (WGC) has published its report on, Gold investment market and financialisation, India gold market series- the last chapter. In the row, Somasundaram PR, Regional CEO, India, World Gold Council said, “The quantum of gold held by Indian households, accumulated over centuries & has potential to play a significant economic role in a new growing India.

Even as traditional demand drivers seem to face headwinds due to demographic shifts, digital thrust to financial inclusion, changing role of women in society and stronger tax compliance, gold is resilient due to its multiple traits addressing many social and economic needs.

The manner in which India has woven gold in its milieu speaks a lot about practical household wisdom, which can be equally tapped for financialising vast stocks of gold in the emerging economic context.

Gold itself, amidst the turmoil of the pandemic, has reinforced its role as a reliable, high performing asset class in times of crisis and this is bound to provide opportunities to use gold to increase overall risk appetite in the economy.

Development of gold-backed financial products and fintech gold, all of which provide institutional pooling of gold as an alternative to household custody, should be promoted vigorously as part of overall gold monetisation framework. Exchange trading mechanism and bold tax incentives to promote transparency in buying are fundamental to a more organised recycling market that underpins gold monetisation.

The investment side of gold overall looks promising over the next few years as India pushes ahead on formalising many such sectors.”

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