Gold Outlook 2024 report tabled!

Dec 08, 2023

Recently, the World Gold Council (WGC) published the, Gold Outlook 2024: Where do we land from here? -report. The report say, gold had a strong 2023, defying expectations amid a high interest rate environment, and outperforming commodities, bonds and most stock markets.

As we look forward to 2024 investors will likely see one of three scenarios. Market consensus anticipates a ‘soft landing’ in the US, which should also positively affect the global economy.

Historically, soft landing environments have not been particularly attractive for gold, resulting in flat to slightly negative average returns. That said, every cycle is different. This time around, heightened geopolitical tensions in a key election year for many major economies, combined with continued central bank buying could provide additional support for gold.

Further, the likelihood of the Fed steering the US economy to a safe landing with interest rates above five percent is by no means certain. And a global recession is still on the cards. This should encourage many investors to hold effective hedges, such as gold, in their portfolios. (Sooner the full report will be uploaded.)

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