Gold price expectations for 2023

Jun 16, 2023

INN-Gold-OutlookGold price expectations for 2023

Recently The INN Published the Gold Outlook investor Report. Focussing on gold price the report said, the current economic landscape is precarious, making price forecasting challenging. For the experts at FocusEconomics, the gold price is expected to remain range bound.

“A weakening of the USD and the likely decline in interest rates later in 2023 should both be positive for gold prices,” the firm states in a report. “In contrast, falling global inflation will reduce demand for the metal as a hedge against high price pressures.”

Geopolitical tension and China’s zero-COVID policy are also factors that will drive the market in 2023. Continued central bank gold purchases may also impact the metal’s 2023 performance. 2022 saw central banks add more gold to their holdings, bolstering levels to their highest point since 1974.

“Central bank gold purchases have fluctuated notably in the last few years, with Q3 2022 purchases up more than 300 percent in annual terms,” states FocusEconomics. “Similar fluctuations going forward pose a risk to prices in both directions.”

Analysts polled by the firm believe that in 2023 gold could trade anywhere between US$1,470 (minimum) and US$1,830 (maximum), with the consensus price hovering at US$1,694. More broadly, Junior Stock Review’s Leni will be watching for two major pieces of news in the New Year.

“First, for precious metals investors, the Fed’s policy pivot news should be a huge turning point in precious metal perception,” he said. “Worldwide, I think this has to be on everyone’s radar.” The second event will be developments out of Ukraine.

“News from the Ukraine and Russia conflict, good or bad, could have a major impact on the direction of the market and the velocity of money,” Leni said. “I think 2023 has the potential to be a much better year for resource sector investors.”

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