Grower Intros New Standard for LGDs

Jun 08, 2023

Clarity-4groupblueGrower Intros New Standard for LGDs
Clarity Diamond debuts fixed SKU pricing!

Clarity Diamond, a premium, USA based diamond grower, in Austin, Texas, has introduced fixed SKU pricing for all lab-grown diamond shapes and sizes. This new pricing structure will allow fine jewelry retailers to order a diamond in a particular shape, in a set range of carat weights, within a range of color and clarity, at the same price, every time.

By removing the price per carat (PPC) and Rap based pricing comparisons, Clarity lab-grown diamonds will remain competitive, consistent, and easy to understand. Given the current lab-grown market volatility, the company will continue to monitor the market, ensuring their product is appropriately priced. This monitoring is Clarity’s commitment to be proactive and supportive of their customers.

“The lab-grown diamond market is always in motion, and we are constantly working on ways to provide our retailers with the best experiences and products,” says Beth Howard, Director of Sales at Clarity Diamond. “Adjusting our pricing and moving towards fixed SKU pricing for all shapes and sizes is a very exciting initiative for us as we work with our current and prospective retailers on all things Clarity.”

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