Holographique to represent everything

Jul 18, 2023

Boucheron said, the word- Holographique is derived from the Greek holos and graphein. Holographic together therefore means, to represent everything.

Celebrating the magic of color, these pieces crafted of fines strips of crystal took their cues from light itself: at the heart of the inspiration for this collection, but most of all, essential for its creation. In perpetual motion, ever evolving in each environment in which it sits, this avant-garde set is truly the shining star of the Holographic collection.

Here Halo-Rainbow sphere encircling a source of light. Looking at this entirely transparent Halo necklace, we see holographic nuances seemingly sliding across the rock crystal as the wearer moves rhythmically. The ring and the bracelet have also been subtly covered with a holographic coating in order to achieve the soft, comforting vibrations of a weightless soap bubble.

While Prisme-Diffracts and breaks light, revealing true, clear colors. Multiple rows of holographic crystal and diamonds reflect playfully to and fro in a game of light and color on this cuff. The earrings and the ring are a stretched pear cut. The cleverly concealed light notches in the rock crystal multiply their radiance.

And a Laser craft is a system which amplifies light to create a glowing beam. While it is normal in High Jewelry for a piece to be created around a selected stone, this process is inverted for this Laser set. What sort of stone would have tones to best match the holographic effect applied on the ceramic? The answer was found in a batch of pear-cut aquamarines in clear lagoon hues.

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