Illuminate Your Diwali with Elegance by Investing in Gold SIP for a Dazzling Celebration with Augmont Gold For All

Nov 09, 2023

Augmont Gold For All, India’s No. 1 Gold Platform, just unveiled a new limited-time SIP Diwali offer. Gold has long represented wealth in India, and it is regarded as one of the safest investments by Indian investors. Customers can now spend Rs. 2000 in Gold SIPs for a year, and a few lucky winners will be lavishly rewarded with a 1gm Gold pendant.

Investing in Pure Gold via Monthly SIPs is the smartest, safest, and most convenient way to gain 24K 999 Pure Gold in small amounts each month. The Gold offered through the SIP bears the international quality certification of BIS/NABL hallmarked gold. Augmont Gold For All safeguards your Gold in Sequel Vaults monitored by an independent trustee. Investors can take safe physical delivery of their gold reserves at any time and from any location in India.

Indian traditions are valued greatly, and purchasing Gold on the auspicious occasion of Diwali is one of them. During the festive season, there is a higher demand for Gold SIPs, which is mostly driven by traditions and rituals. Most Indians think that buying Gold during Diwali will bring them good fortune and prosperity for the coming year.

Augmont Gold For All embraces the entire gold lifecycle to offer retail clients a one-stop-shop solution. It also allows for the deposit of Gold, financing against Gold, and the purchase of Gold and silver by EMI. At numerous worldwide conferences, the Bullion Federation has named Augmont Gold For All the Best Gold Dealer and Seller.

Mr Sachin Kothari, Director – Augmont-Gold For All, said, “Gold is considered auspicious in India for a variety of occasions, including religious festivals such as Diwali, as well as social celebrations like weddings. Investing in Gold with our SIPs allows you to buy Gold while continuously increasing your wealth. Our Gold SIPs encourage clients to invest small amounts at regular periods. Because the transactions are conducted online, you avoid the costs of making charges, sellers, and storage fees that would otherwise be incurred if you purchased Gold the traditional way. Each chunk of Gold purchased online through the Augmont Gold For All portal is backed by physical Gold and can be readily resold online at a market-linked gold rate. Everyone should take advantage of our special Gold SIP offer, which is only available for a limited period.”

Augmont Gold For All is an exclusive platform that offers gold refining, retailing, loans, SIPs, EMI Gold, Digi Gold, on-demand jewellery,Sell Old Gold and gold loans. The program simplifies the acquisition of gold coins for consumers and allows gold jewellers to make online purchases via an app or website. Augmont Gold For All is one of India’s leading gold refiners, using cutting-edge refining technology. Jewellers and financial institutions around the country trust Augmont Gold For All. Augmont Gold For All has a network of about 4000 jewellers and approximately 23 SPOT delivery centres in India. It also employs about 500 workers.

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