Indian opulence with contemporary style

Dec 09, 2023

Recently; once again, Gemfields highlighted, Mumbai-based high jewellery designer Bina Goenka that marries traditional Indian opulence with contemporary style. At the juncture, “difficult to describe, easier to experience!” This is how the eminent fine jewellery connoisseur Bina Goenka summarises the jewellery she designs.

Founder and CEO of her eponymous brand, Bina Goenka maintains an acute focus on creating only the finest works of art, which are celebrated worldwide for being the epitome of indulgence. Using the rarest of materials, she handcrafts timeless pieces.

“Responsible sourcing is crucial to the brand, with a clear understanding that all funds procured from a sale have gone to those rightfully entitled to them.” Bina explains, “This way, even the gemstones themselves carry a certain purity, free from all negativity and ill will.

If you’re investing in a gemstone with an eye to holding on to it, and possibly even passing it down through generations, you don’t want any uncertainty or stain clouding the history of that gemstone. Responsible sourcing provides us with the guarantee, and provenance, that are so important, both to our brand ethos and to our clients.”

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