Ethical Diamonds Co Kicks off with a Wonderful event

Jul 27, 2023

It was a wonderful evening to remember as EDC unveiled its exquisite and enticing lab-grown diamond fine jewellery brand at a gala event and fashion show held at ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru on 22n July 2023. The event was held in association with CEO Club. The Navigator of EDC and CMD of Lakshmi Diamond, Bangalore Dr Chetan Kumar Mehta welcomed and thanked the guests.

The Chief Guests of the evening Mr S Murugan, IPS , ADGP, Govt of Karnataka and Mr KJ Purushotham , CKPC Group Chairman & BRICS VP inaugurated the event followed by a glittering & glamours fashion show choreographed by Faheem Raja , South India’s leading fashion designer & Jackie Besterwitch. Aditi Prabhudeva, Sandalwood Cine Actress made her scintillating appearance as the Showstopper.

The official launch of EDC, a revolutionary lab diamond jewelry brand that combines impeccable craftsmanship, timeless designs, and sustainable innovation. EDC is set to transform the world of fine jewelry, offering discerning consumers an exquisite range of ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds fine jewelry.

With a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility, EDC has emerged as a frontrunner in the movement towards sustainable luxury. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, EDC has created an exceptional collection of lab-grown diamond jewelry that exhibits the same brilliance, clarity, and beauty as natural diamonds, but with a minimal ecological impact.

Furthermore, EDC is proud to champion transparency and traceability. Every lab-grown diamond is accompanied by a comprehensive grading report that details its origin, quality, and characteristics. This commitment to openness ensures that our customers can make informed decisions and have complete confidence in the provenance of their jewelry.

EDC’s debut collection showcases an exquisite array of engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that embody elegance and sophistication. Each piece is expertly crafted by their skilled artisans, who blend traditional techniques with contemporary design aesthetics to create wearable works of art. With EDC, customers can indulge in the joy of affordable luxury jewelry, knowing that their purchase aligns with their values.

EDC is excited to unveil their brand to the world and invite jewelry enthusiasts, trendsetters, and conscious consumers to discover the future of luxury.

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