Introducing the Zahrah Collection at Khurana

Dec 05, 2023

Khurana Jewellery House, a beacon of exclusive jewellery design and unparalleled craftsmanship since 1950, proudly introduces its latest creation – The Zahrah Collection. This new line represents a seamless fusion of traditional heritage and contemporary aesthetics, showcasing the timeless beauty of Polki and gold jewellery.

The Zahrah Collection is a celebration of intricate artistry, with each piece meticulously crafted and 100% hallmarked, ensuring the highest quality. This exquisite collection brings together the rich traditions of South Indian temple jewellery, the allure of beautiful gemstones from Hyderabad, and the detailed Polki pieces curated in the western regions of the country.

Highlighting the prevailing trend of multi-coloured stones, the Zahrah Collection features corals, firozas, and other vibrant gemstones paired seamlessly with Polkis and gold elements. Each piece within the collection is a unique work of art, reflecting different regional influences and a dedication to fine workmanship.

It is an homage to the legacy of Indian jewellery, blending the traditions of yesterday with the modernism of today. Each piece is a testament to individual style and personality, speaking volumes through its design.

The Zahrah Collection, available from 2 Lacs onwards, is a showstopper not only in local markets but also at international shows, where it represents the traditions and artistry of India on a global stage.

For a closer look at the Zahrah Collection, please visit Khurana Jewellery House in Amritsar.

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