Israel Diamond Exchange urges fraternity

Oct 31, 2023

The Israel Diamond Exchange released a video aimed at the world diamond community. The video emphasizes that the terror attack of October 7 was not only an attack on Israel, but also on the shared values on which the world diamond community is based: peace, justice, freedom, and brotherhood.

IDE President Boaz Moldawsky said, “The world diamond industry is a closely interconnected community spanning the entire globe. For generations we have prospered by building bridges and standing united.

“Israel is now fighting a brutal war against a savage enemy. An enemy that threatens the future of civilization and world peace. We call upon the diamond community to stand united with Israel. Only by working together can we create a prosperous future for us all.”

IDE Releases Video to World Diamond Community, here is a link to the video:

The video emphasizes that the terrorists attacked not only Israel, but the shared values of the world diamond community.

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