Jewelry resonates with work profile!

Jun 26, 2023

The most ancient of lustrous white metals, silver, and working women have always had a strong relationship with one another. For starters, silver is more affordable than other precious metals, allowing you more variety and versatility while styling new outfits every day.

And then the fact that the metal is chic, elegant, and hassle-free further enhances its desirability. Whether your aesthetic preferences tilt toward traditional or contemporary, the sophisticated yet understated appeal of the metal makes the jewelry piece look fantastic, anyhow.

Having said that, your choice of jewelry for the workplace should be driven by quite a few factors. Your personality and taste are a given, but your office culture and environment also play a big part. If you work in a formal setup, stick to minimal, understated designs that are not ostentatious.

But if your work environment is easy going and casual, you have all reason to wear some funky and bold silver jewelry designs to the workplace. Another important consideration is the industry that you work for and your functional role.

Choose your workwear jewelry depending on who and what you cater to in your job role. Silver jewelry is great if you work in a creative division like marketing or for a luxury or lifestyle brand, but it may not be best suited for an IT professional or someone in a front-office or client-facing role.

If silver jewelry’s vibe resonates with your work profile, below are our favorite picks of dainty and statement silver jewelry designs that are great to pair with your office wardrobe.

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