Kisna unveil showroom in Lucknow!

Dec 23, 2023

Kisna, a renowned jewelry brand part of the esteemed Hari Krishna Group, proudly brings over 18 years of unparalleled expertise in designing, producing, and serving with diamond jewelry in India to Lucknow. Kisna Diamond and Gold Jewellery unveil India’s 17th and UP’s 5th exclusive brand showroom in Lucknow

Their steadfast dedication to quality, skill, and customer satisfaction has firmly positioned Kisna diamond jewelry as a trusted and esteemed name in the industry. Kisna’s journey in the jewelry sector has been truly remarkable.

In nearly two decades, Kisna has garnered the trust and allegiance of their clientele, becoming a symbol of exceptional quality and grace. They take pride in their innovative Mines to Market setup, ensuring top-notch standards from the source to their showrooms.

This approach allows Kisna to promptly adapt to changing consumer tastes, offering diverse gold and diamond jewelry collections suitable for all occasions and societal segments.

The grand inauguration of Kisna’s exclusive diamond and gold jewelry showroom in Lucknow, UP, was graced by the presence of Brajesh Pathak (Deputy Chief Minister of UP) and Ghanshyam Dholakia, Founder & Managing Director of Hari Krishna Group.

This momentous event signifies another milestone in Kisna’s incredible journey of providing exquisite jewelry to its patrons. Established in 2005, Kisna’s success hinges on a distribution-centric model, facilitating the brand’s expansion to over 3,500 showrooms across India.

This expansive network ensures that Kisna’s timeless jewelry collections reach customers nationwide, in line with the Har Ghar Kisna vision.

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