Les Petits Bonbons by Falcinelli Italy

Mar 03, 2023

One leads to another. Candies, sweets in general, are small mouth-watering temptations ready to be enjoyed on the fly, depending on the moment and the occasion. With their colours, their persuasive and inviting shapes, they encourage one to taste, then another and another.

Highlighted at VO, Similarly, in an almost endless loop, the jewels of the Les Petits Bonbons collection by Falcinelli Italy create that desire to make them your own, to “taste” their beauty at any time of the day, thanks to volumes and nuances that play on contrasts, with elegance that at the same time dresses in formal moments as in casual ones, without distinction of gender.

Rose gold, white gold, natural stones and pavé diamonds compose unusual, tantalizing geometries, like triangles and squares on which the precious raw materials build different levels. Turquoise and rhodolite, amethyst and green onyx, citrine and smoky quartz, combined with timeless white diamonds.

And here are born rings, necklaces and earrings characterized by an attention to detail that is now one of the trademarks of Falcinelli Italy, a company based in the heart of Tuscany and which from this “cradle” of art and know-how exports beauty around the world.

There is the Les Petits Bonbons quadratam necklace with blue topaz and smoky quartz surrounded by a pavé of white diamonds, there are the triangle earrings with amethyst, green onyx and diamonds, for an exotic-inspired ensemble.

And there is the square ring with turquoise resting on a cushion of pure white diamonds. And again, here is the necklace with triangle pendant with green onyx and diamonds and rose gold chain, with a fresh and original style, a true passe-partout for the day.

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