Louis Vuitton Liberty Collection

Apr 05, 2023

With a magical appeal, Liberty calls forth the magnifying power of Louis Vuitton’s genius in the intricate purity of its design and the remarkable stones that illuminate the Maison’s passion for adventure and travel, inviting the Louis Vuitton woman to venture further than she’s ever been.

Reinterpreting the Maison’s iconic codes, the necklace features the Monogram flower, trunk details, the letter V and the Damier pattern showcased in a magnificent display of custom-cut diamonds. An armor-like necklace, the incredibly regal star piece features a secret message hidden within it: “Liberty is the freedom to explore, to discover the world, to express innate power.”

Expanding the realm of possibilities with the power of its perfection, a flawless 18.09 carat emerald cut sapphire glows with the intensity of its deep royal blue color. In a sculptural dialogue, an assortment of emeralds, including an 8.9 carat emerald, exhibit the same saturation and exceptional quality.

Showcasing the Maison’s exceptional savoir-faire, Liberty introduces a new bold medallion necklace that transforms into a brooch, where custom-cut diamonds with unequalled brilliance are centered on an exquisite emerald.

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