Lucapa releases 2022 ESG Report

Jun 03, 2023

Lucapa- ESG ReportLucapa releases 2022 ESG Report

Recently Lucapa Diamond Company Limited published their 2022 ESG Report. On the occasion Stephen Wetherall, CEO, Lucapa said, “We are conscious that as accompany with African operations, the most important role that we can play in the community is the one that offers opportunities to those who want to work with us.

Which is why our focus is on social impact in our ESG initiatives. We view support for the basics like education, training and healthcare, fundamental to help build opportunities in our communities. This year in Angola, we committed significant funds, along with our partners, to build a new school in the local village so the children of our employees can learn in a stimulating environment.”

Lucapa produces natural diamonds sustainably and cares for its people, communities and the countries in which we operate. The report said about their Purpose: 1: Integrity, 2: Safety, 3: Teamwork, 4: Partnership.

Lucapa- ESG Report1: Integrity: We interact with all stakeholders with integrity, respect, honesty, transparency and fairness. 2: Safety: We conduct operations in a safe, responsible and environmentally conscious manner. 3: Teamwork: We attract and employ the best skillsets, encourage teamwork, diversity and reward performance, & 4: Partnership: We partner with the local communities and governments in the countries we operate for mutual benefit.

Lucapa’s sustainability program is aligned with the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we have adopted the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Principles framework.

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