Maharashtra eye on the US$ 1tn economy!

Jul 22, 2023

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde asserted that the government is committed to the comprehensive development of the industrial sector in the state. The Chief Minister was speaking at the unveiling of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation’s Comprehensive Development Control and Promotion Regulations 2023 held at Nashik.

Chief Minister Shinde said, participation of women entrepreneurs is increasing along with men in the industry sector. Women entrepreneurs are also moving successfully in the industrial sector. The industrial sector is seen to be flourishing as the state government has announced many concessions to boost the industrial sector.

Nashik has a lot of scope for industrial growth and large scale employment opportunities are going to be created in the future. Maharashtra is the growth engine of the country. Infrastructure is important for the growth of the industrial sector.

The state government is absolutely positive for the comprehensive development of the industrial sector. If the entrepreneurs have any suggestions for the industrial development of the state, they should be sent to the government. These suggestions will be taken into consideration at the government level. Chief Minister Shinde also said that it is the government’s role to fully protect entrepreneurs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi intends to take the country’s economy to five trillion dollars. Accordingly, the cooperation of entrepreneurs is essential to take our state’s economy to one trillion dollars. Economic condition of any state depends on industrial development and employment in that state. Industries that will stand. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar expressed the belief that if they are given concessions and necessary ancillary permissions, there is no doubt that they will flourish.

Industries Minister Uday Samant said in the introduction, after fourteen years, the Comprehensive Development Control and Promotion Regulations 2023 of the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation is being dedicated to the entrepreneurs.

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