Mubri kickoff their second shop

May 20, 2023

In order to take advantage of the good economical moment for jewelry and diamond purchases in some regions, the stores already have a waiting list of brands. The International Jewelry Association Mubri, one of the largest in the world, opened its second store on May 18th. It is the second city in less than a month that the Association opens the spot with the ambition to open more shops by the end of 2023.

The aim is to create a stronger link between brand and consumer in the long term, as the Mubri Board realized that some events sales take place but the brand-consumer relationship cannot be properly developed because the short time of event. Realizing this gap, the Mubri shop concept was created, which for a certain period of time, brands belonging to the Association can expose, sell and build new opportunities in a safe environment for business and sales.

Even the cities and locations have been chosen very carefully, as has the management team to each Mubri shop, “The idea is not just to present the brands, but to make them really reach good customers, which is why a curation is made to see if the brands have the profile of each store and city”, explains Ali Pastorini, International Mubri President.

The success of this strategy has already yielded results, with the first store launched at the end of April already having a waiting list of Mubri members for 2024. Brands can stay for a three to one year contract, receiving full support from a luxury store.

Some cities will have permanent stores, others will be flagships, “We started in Brazil because we have noticed the high demand for jewelry, mainly gold jewelry and diamond jewelry”, said Dione de Lima, President of Mubri Brasil, “but the idea is this project to expand to silver brands as well as cities in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America where we are seeing a high level of demand for diamonds and jewels through our trips with Mubri delegation to Jewelry Shows”, complete Mrs Lima.

All stores are signed by an award-winning architecture firm and regular activities are held to invite potential local customers to discover the brands. The expansion of Mubri projects has reached expressive numbers in recent years worldwide, conquering new member profiles from wholesalers, retailers, stone merchants and independent designers.

That is why the concern of the Board of Directors, especially Ali Pastorini, in diversifying the projects. Mubri shops is yet another successful project along with other projects already underway, such as the Mubri Buyer’s Delegation, which takes potential Mubri members to meet and buy from new suppliers in Jewelry Shows, and also the Mubri Exhibitors program, which aims to place Mubri retailers and wholesalers exhibiting at Jewelry Shows of large and medium standard.

This last project is more elaborate because the companies exhibit alone, unlike other initiatives where the Association has a booth and exhibits pieces by some designers, “The growth and entry of new members increased our scope and consequently new projects, as today we have members who are regional leaders on a large scale and we need to meet this new demand, in addition to taking advantage of economies in countries that were little affected or that have already recovered from the post pandemic”, said Pastorini.

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